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Nostr signing device, Nostr hardware device, Nostr hardware signer and Nostr hardware wallet are all different terms used for the same tool: A device to securely create a Nostr account and / or securely sign for messages within the Nostr protocol.

Like Bitcoin, the Nostr protocol works with private (?) -and public (?) key pairs. Private keys give ownership over the account, like a password.

Public keys can be used to find a user, like a username. As with Bitcoin, the optimal way to secure your private key is to handle it offline on a specialised device.

On this page we will explain what a Nostr signing device exactly is, how it works and how you can use it. You will also be able to compare the best Nostr signing devices on the market and buy the preferred device directly from the manufacturer.

Compare The Best Nostr Signing Devices

compare nostr signing devices

Navigating the world of Nostr signing devices can be overwhelming, particularly when considering the compatibility with your chosen client (?) or operating system. You’re not limited to one type: Options abound from Bitcoin hardware wallets, which can sign Nostr messages, to specific Nostr signing devices, and even DIY options for the tech-savvy who prefer a custom build.

To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a comprehensive table to compare features and prices of the top Nostr signing devices available in the market. This list will continually be updated as we are still in the early stages of this technology and maintaining the security of Nostr message signing is our highest priority!

coldcard q1 hardware walletCOLDCARD Q1

Hardware Wallet
Any client that supports HEX private keyscan offline key generation but can't offline signingVerifiable Source Code, Bitcoin and Nostr,$219,99
4.5 / 5.0Coldcard InfoGET NOW!
coldcard mk4 deviceCOLDCARD MK4

Hardware Wallet
Any client that supports HEX private keyscan offline key generation but can't offline signingVerifiable Source Code, Bitcoin and Nostr$157,94
4.3 / 5.0Coldcard InfoGET NOW!
passport hardware walletPASSPORT

Hardware Wallet
Export keys to any client via SD card and export to Amethyst via QRcan offline key generation but can't offline signingOpen Source, Bitcoin and Nostr, $199,-
passport coupon nostr
4.4 / 5.0Passport InfoGET NOW!
nsd lnbits signing deviceNSD LNBits

Signing Device
Nostr web apps with Chrome based browserscan't offline key generation but can offline signingOpen Source, Nostr Specific, £20,-3.9 / 5.0NSD InfoGET NOW!
nsd diy signing deviceNSD DIY

DIY Signing Device
Nostr Web apps with Chrome based browserscan't offline key generation but can offline signingOpen Source, Nostr Specific, ± $10,-3.7 / 5.0NSD InfoGET NOW!

Secure Multipurpose Communication Device
can offline key generation and can offline signing
Auditable Source Code, General purpose, Mini Script, Lightning, Nostr$189,99
Satslink InfoPRE-ORDER!

Buy The Best Hardware Devices For Nostr

buy a nostr signing device

Discover and explore a wide variety of signing devices specifically designed for Nostr. The devices on this site are categorised into two main types: ‘Hardware Wallets for Nostr‘ and ‘Nostr-Specific Signing Devices‘. The first category provides a dual-purpose solution, allowing you not only to secure your unique Nostr ID but also to safeguard your valuable bitcoins.

On the other hand: The Nostr-specific signing devices are exclusively dedicated to the Nostr platform. Every hardware wallet displayed on our site is sourced directly from the manufacturers, eliminating the need for any intermediary or reseller. This direct sourcing model ensures that no additional layers of risk are involved. Enhance your experience with our high-quality signing devices, specifically designed to meet your needs.

Buy Bitcoin Hardware Wallets That Are Compatible With Nostr

buy a bitcoin hardware wallet with nostr support

Leveraging the secure nature inherent in devices for both Bitcoin and Nostr, you can enjoy the convenience of storing your private keys offline. This powerful feature allows Bitcoin hardware wallets to be additionally used as a signing device for Nostr. The Passport wallet, paving the way for legacy hardware wallets, has already integrated Nostr support. The integration signifies a new era in which an increasing number of Bitcoin hardware devices are expected to follow suit. To invest in your security, browse our selection of top Bitcoin hardware wallets equipped with Nostr support:

buy passport hardware wallet
passport coupon nostr

Passport Hardware Wallet

  • Create Keys Securely Offline
  • No Offline Signing (yet)
  • Open Source
  • Bitcoin & Nostr
  • All Clients (SD Card)
  • Amethyst Client (QR)
  • $199,-


Buy Nostr Specific Signing Devices

buy a specific nostr signing device

Opting for a specific Nostr signing device is an excellent choice for users who wish to separate their Bitcoin holdings from Nostr activities. Importantly, it’s not a prerequisite for Nostr users to be avid Bitcoiners. The beauty of Nostr lies in its flexibility, allowing users to select signing devices crafted specifically for Nostr’s unique requirements. This distinct segregation enhances security while maintaining ease of use. So, if the goal is to leverage a hardware device solely for signing Nostr, consider one of the specialised Nostr signers. These devices which are tailored for Nostr operations, offer an efficient and secure way to manage your communications. It’s all part of the commitment to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for the Nostr community.

order nsd signing device

NSD Signer

  • Sign Securely Offline
  • No Offline Key Creation
  • Open Source
  • Nostr Specific
  • Cheap
  • Ready to Use
  • £20,-


get diy nsd signer

DIY NSD Signer

  • Sign Securely Offline
  • No Offline Key Creation
  • Open Source
  • Nostr Specific
  • Cheap
  • Build Yourself (DiY)
  • ±$10,-


Buy A Multi Purpose Hardware Device That Can Be Used For Nostr

multi hardware device for nostr

A Nostr signing device can be created from multi purpose hardware. By uploading specific software on the device, you can use it to securely create Nostr keys, securely sign for Nostr messages or even run an entire client or relay on the device and thus offline. This option is likely a little bit less secure than specific signing devices or hardware wallets, but it opens the door for many interesting functions and features. See below for the available general purpose hardware that can be used for Nostr:

  • Multi Purpose Device
  • Nostr, Mini Script, Lighting
  • Auditable Source Code
  • Hackable
  • User Friendly


  • $189,99


A Quick Introduction To The Nostr Protocol

quick introduction to nostr

Nostr is an innovative messaging and social media protocol designed to resist censorship (?) and ensure user autonomy over their digital identity (?). It utilises private (?) and public keys (?) to sign and identify messages, promoting a secure and reliable communication environment. Through permissionless competing relays (?), data is transmitted to all the clients (?) in a decentralised manner. Fortifying the network against centralised control and making it significantly robust.

The private key in the network is the gateway to your digital identity. Hence, its security is extremely important. A breach could lead to the theft of your identity and hard-earned reputation. Therefore, the role of a Nostr hardware signer is critical. These hardware wallets manage your keys offline. Rendering them inaccessible to online hackers and significantly enhancing your security layer on the Nostr network. If you want to do a deep dive in the Nostr protocol, please read our comprehensive Nostr guide.

Use Nostr Securely

how to use nostr securely

In the realm of secure communication, Nostr stands out as a beacon of privacy and freedom. This site is your ultimate guide to leveraging the benefits of Nostr, beginning with an in-depth understanding of the varied signing devices that safeguard your Nostr identity (?). Our comprehensive step-by-step setup guide will help you navigate the process with ease, while our informative blog section provides ongoing insights to enhance your knowledge. While the robust censorship resistance (?) and decentralisation (?) offered by Nostr does entail a degree of personal responsibility, rest assured that with our guidance, this is easily manageable. Investing a little time in understanding the Nostr protocol will equip you to unlock the many rewards of using Nostr, truly a small price for a big gain!

The Risk Of Using Private Keys On The Web

risk of using private keys on the web

A crucial aspect of digital security in platforms such as Nostr revolves around the concept of private keys. These keys act as the guardians of your digital identity (?) and if fallen into the wrong hands, can lead to loss of control over your account. This underpins the significance of safeguarding your private keys and minimising their exposure.

Often, during the use of desktop applications, specifically web-based applications, a common practice is to paste your private key every time you log in. However, this method, though seemingly convenient, brings potential threats to your private key. Given the inherent vulnerabilities in software, the risk of exposure to breaches, exploits or bugs is quite high. If your private key is compromised, the consequences can be devastating. Leading to loss of followers and the monumental task of rebuilding your digital identity and reputation from scratch.

Solutions To Protect Your Private Key

solutions to secure your nostr private keys

To counter these risks, a plausible solution is to use a browser extension for storing your private keys securely and granting access authorization. By doing so, you only need to paste your private key into a trusted extension once. Following this, you can freely use any web app of your choice without revealing your private key directly to each app. Extensions such as Alby, along with password managers like Bitwarden, can be leveraged for this purpose. They employ robust end-to-end encryption to ensure that your private key remains invisible, even in the event of a compromise. An even better solution is using a signing device. This way your keys will never be online, protecting it even better.

To sum up, private keys while being an essential element of platforms like Nostr, come with their own set of risks if not properly managed. Hence, it’s critical to adopt measures to protect your private keys and restrict their web exposure. In the context of Nostr, a noteworthy solution for secure key management is the Nostr signing device. This tool ensures a secure, encrypted storage for your private keys, adding an extra layer of protection and making it even harder for malicious entities to gain access. By integrating this device with your Nostr network. You can significantly enhance your online security while seamlessly maintaining your digital identity.

What Is A Nostr Signing Device?

what is a nostr signing device

A Nostr signing device functions similarly to a Bitcoin hardware wallet, using distinct public and private key pairs. The public key acts as an identifier, helping locate users within the network. The private key fulfils the crucial role of authorising communications. By underwriting the message with the private key, other network participants can be sure that the message comes from the account with the corresponding public key. For the secure management of your keys, users can consider a hardware signer. This special device is specifically designed to house and protect your Nostr private keys. Facilitating the signing of messages in a safe, offline environment.

The security of a signing device is unparalleled as your private key never leaves the device, making it virtually unreachable to online hackers. Access multiple applications securely with your Nostr ID (?) from a single designated device, eliminating the need to expose your private key across various platforms on your browser or smartphone. The Nostr signing device provides a robust and user-friendly solution for safeguarding your digital identity in an increasingly online world.

Why Should You Use A Nostr Hardware Signer?

why use a nostr signing device

In today’s digital age, online identities carry immense value. This fact is underscored by individuals earning substantial income from platforms like YouTube or Twitter. The value of a Nostr account is no different, perhaps even greater, given its unique extra features. With its vast potential for interoperability among apps and additional revenue generation through zaps (?), a Nostr account is a valuable digital asset. Just like traditional online assets such as websites, which are typically valued at about ten times their monthly revenue. A Nostr account operates on a similar principle. Imagine if your account generates a thousand dollars per month: It might be valued up to ten thousand dollars, which is certainly significant.

It then begs the question: Would you entrust ten thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin to a mere mobile app, or would you choose a secure hardware wallet? This is where the importance of a hardware device comes into play. Offering enhanced security and peace of mind, a Nostr hardware signer is an invaluable tool for safeguarding Nostr ID.

How Do Nostr Signing Devices Work?

how do nostr signing devices work

A signing device is a unique piece of hardware that operates independently from your regular online machine, offering an advanced layer of security for handling private keys. Whether your online machine is a computer, smartphone or laptop. It remains susceptible to potential hacks due to its internet connectivity. However, the signing device eliminates this risk with its offline operation. Ensuring a secure environment for both key creation and signing. Since a signing device does not connect to the internet, it offers an extremely secure setting to generate keys and sign messages. These signed messages can then be safely transferred to your online machine, enabling their use on the network.

Many Bitcoin hardware wallets that support Nostr can also function as signing devices for Nostr. In such cases, the private keys originate from the Bitcoin seed via BIP85. However, specialised Nostr signing devices take a different route. They utilise a random number generator (?) to directly generate the key. In summary, a Nostr signing device provides an elevated level of security, making it a trusted choice for handling private keys and signing messages in an offline setting, before transferring them to an online device for use on the network. This underscores its critical role in digital security. Reinforcing the importance of using such specialised hardware.

The Ability Of Nostr Hardware Signers

the ability of current nostr signing devices

In the realm of Bitcoin hardware wallets, a crucial element is the device’s capacity to generate private keys in a secure and offline environment and to sign transactions with these keys while remaining offline. This functionality ensures that your private keys never enter the online space, making them immune to potential hacker attacks. Nostr signing devices are not as far developed as Bitcoin hardware wallets yet.

Currently, the Nostr network being a novel concept, is experiencing challenges with its hardware devices. A few signing devices can create private keys securely in an offline setting. However, these keys must be imported onto a client or a browser extension. This process necessitates taking your private key online, reducing its security against potential cyber threats. On the other hand: Certain Nostr hardware signers, although not capable of generating a private key offline, can securely sign messages. Nevertheless, a slight risk remains of exposing the keys during the upload process.

Both scenarios present some risks, demonstrating that the current signing devices for Nostr are not yet entirely optimal. An ideal Nostr signer should be capable of both securely generating keys and signing messages with those keys. As it stands, the first-generation hardware signers for Nostr lack this dual functionality. However, future devices promise improved capabilities. Therefore, when selecting your Nostr signing device, it is vital to take these considerations into account.


nostr signers faq

Welcome to the comprehensive FAQ section on Signing Devices and hardware wallets for the Nostr protocol. This is your go-to resource for understanding these integral devices that dramatically enhance the security and validate user identity within the network. These hardware devices are at the heart of the goal to deliver a safe and decentralised social media platform for all users. This guide will address common queries about the function, operation and advantages of employing Nostr hardware signers within our ecosystem. From ensuring optimal security to managing transactions, these devices play a key role in delivering a seamless experience. If your question isn’t found in our FAQ, feel free to drop it in the comment section below – we’re here to help!

What Is The Advantage Of A DIY Signing Device?

Harnessing the power of a DIY Nostr signing device grants the user unparalleled protection from potential regulatory interventions. As the constituent parts are often marketed as common electronic goods, the seller remains oblivious to their ultimate use in a Nostr device. This ensures that, even in a scenario where hardware wallets face prohibitions, these parts are likely to remain accessible. Moreover, the risk of encountering specific malware or backdoors is significantly reduced. Constructing your own hardware device does necessitate some technical know-how and a bit of time, but the acquired knowledge and cost savings make the endeavor worthwhile!

The DIY signing device is more than just a gadget; it is a tool of empowerment. It provides an open source (?) pathway for those seeking to secure their digital assets, while also serving as an educational platform for those interested in the underlying mechanics. By harnessing this technology, you can protect your investments, enrich your knowledge base, and potentially save money in the long run. It’s a win-win situation on all fronts!

What Is The Advantage Of A Special Purpose Device?

A unique benefit of a dedicated device is its ease of use and superior user experience. It’s essentially a plug-and-play solution, giving you a polished, professional feel right out of the box. Moreover, its tailor-made codebase and rich set of features mean it’s not only more capable but also more secure, with fewer potential vulnerabilities to be concerned about.

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