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In today’s interconnected digital landscape, the safeguarding of our personal data and online transactions is extremely important. Nostr emerges as an innovative solution, set to redefine our approach towards digital authentication and signatures. As we aim to withstand the challenges of internet censorship (?), data breaches and cyber threats, Nostr offers a promising solution, providing resistance to censorship and empowering individuals with the ownership of their data and identity.

Traditional authentication methods often fail to meet the ever-evolving threat landscape. However, Nostr is changing the game, blending advanced cryptography with user-friendly design, leading the charge in the new era of secure and foolproof digital identity (?) confirmation and authorisations.

Nostr’s ecosystem thrives on its groundbreaking signing devices – akin to hardware wallets for Nostr keys. This blog, your go-to guide for all things Nostr. Will keep you updated on the development of these Nostr signing devices and provide comprehensive articles about Nostr’s features and updates. We’re here to ensure you have the best resources to navigate the Nostr network securely. Get ready to explore Nostr. Where security meets simplicity in the digital realm.

Our Latest Articles:

  • Nostr Zaps – The Payment Infrastructure of Nostr
    Do You Think Giving a Like With a Zap is Exciting? It’s Only the Tip of the Iceberg! Nostr is often viewed as a social media app that is competing with Twitter. Likewise, zaps (?) are seen as likes backed by real world value on social media post. However, Nostr is… Read more: Nostr Zaps – The Payment Infrastructure of Nostr
  • Reasons To Start Using Nostr
    5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Nostr Do you have the feeling that social media isn’t serving you? Are you getting the idea that you are the product instead of a valued customer?  You are not alone: A growing number of people are facing online censorship. Others are worried about… Read more: Reasons To Start Using Nostr
  • Evolution Nostr Signing Devices Part 2
    Evolution Nostr Signing Devices Part 2 – Are The Satslink And Nsec Bunker Going To Form The First Fully Functional Nostr Signing Device? In part one of our series ‘evolution of Nostr signing devices‘ we described the issue that there is no fully functional Nostr signing device available yet, that can… Read more: Evolution Nostr Signing Devices Part 2
  • Exciting Developments Nostr 1
    Exciting Developments In Nostr Part 1 – This Is Happening On Nostr! We begin almost every article with this message: Nostr is not merely a social media app; It’s an entire protocol that embodies the internet as it should have been — decentralised, user-centric, resistant to censorship, and bottom up. We… Read more: Exciting Developments Nostr 1
  • Nostr Is designed To Win!
    Nostr: Engineered For Succes Nostr is frequently perceived as merely a social media app. However, the reality is it goes beyond that. It’s a decentralised messaging protocol, capable of hosting social media apps and much more. Once you delve into the depths of Nostr, you’ll realise its inevitable* success. Its simple… Read more: Nostr Is designed To Win!
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