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The Passport hardware wallet sets a new benchmark in the Bitcoin landscape, offering compatibility with Nostr and enabling secure offline creation of Nostr private keys (?). This advanced feature is made possible thanks to the integral key manager within the Passport device. Transferring these keys to any Nostr client (?) is a breeze with options for export via MicroSD or QR with the Amethyst client, and more options are on the horizon.

Being a forerunner in the Bitcoin space, the manufacturer of the Passport wallet is not stopping at this. They are continually diving into in-depth research on Nostr to deliver an array of future features that will further enhance your crypto experience. On this page, we delve into the remarkable capabilities of the Passport hardware device. But before proceeding, you might want to check out our comparison of all Nostr signing devices. Ready to secure your Nostr ID (?) with Passport? Click on the button below and get $10,- discount with our code NOSTRSIGNINGDEVICE!

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What Is A Passport Hardware Wallet

passport hardware wallet

The Passport hardware wallet, a distinguished addition to the second generation of Bitcoin storage devices, brings a new level of security and convenience to users. This robust piece of technology is engineered for air gapped signing, using either Micro SD or QR codes. Making it an ideal choice for sophisticated use cases, including multisignature transactions.

When it comes to securing your private key, Passport has you covered. The key is generated securely on the device itself, with the option for backing up digitally on an SD card or physically on paper or metal. User security is further enhanced with the implementation of dual pin codes and anti-phishing word prompts. Ensuring that the device is trustworthy and hasn’t been tampered with.

What sets the Passport hardware wallet apart is its open source nature (?). This means that every detail of the device’s design and operation is transparent, adding an extra layer of trust for users. By choosing Passport, you’re choosing a wallet that prioritizes security, transparency and user-friendliness. A top-tier choice for those looking to securely manage their Bitcoin holdings and Nostr keys.

Nostr Integration In Passport

nostr integration in passport

The Passport hardware wallet adds a new dimension to key creation and exporting. This cutting-edge device allows you to generate Nostr keys (?), which are child keys derived from the original Bitcoin seed, via BIP-85. These keys can easily be exported using the Micro SD card, providing an easy and secure way to manage your keys. To do this, simply navigate to the key manager located within the device and select ‘create Nostr key’. If you’re using the Amethyst client, there’s even the option to export the keys directly via a QR code. While the current functionality does not extend to signing every message with the Passport device, it does make safe and reliable key creation and exporting a simple process.

The Passport hardware wallet development team is actively working on further enhancing the device’s capabilities. A noteworthy future feature being considered is the implementation of delegated signing via NIP-26. This feature could potentially allow your exported key to sign messages, while your root key remains securely stored in cold storage. This strategic approach reduces the risk of losing your Nostr ID in the event that your client is compromised and your key stolen. In such a scenario, you can easily generate a new key with your root key, which remains safe in its cold storage. Virtually immune to hacking attempts.

By continuously innovating and evolving, the Passport hardware wallet is poised to redefine the way we manage and transfer keys, providing a highly secure and user-friendly solution for all crypto enthusiasts.

How To Create Nostr Keys With Passport?

create nostr keys with passport

Utilising the Passport hardware wallet to create a Nostr key is a simple process. Begin by activating the Key Manager extension in the settings menu of your Passport device, which unveils a plethora of new features. Once activated, a new card will appear on your home screen. Allowing for the creation and management of BIP 85 child seeds along with Nostr keys.

To create a new key, visit the Key Manager card on your home screen and select the “New Key” option. Here, you’re given the choice of the seed size in terms of the number of words. Once chosen, the new key is preserved automatically through encrypted microSD backups. For those wishing to create a Nostr key specifically, choose the “Nostr” option under key types. Feel free to name your Nostr key as per your preferences.

In instances where you need to log in to a Nostr client: Export the new key to QR code and scan it from the Amethyst client or export to microSD as a text file for easy copy-pasting. Remember, Passport allows you to see all your keys. Quickly differentiate them using unique icons and manage their names in mere seconds, making multiple key management an effortless task.

About Foundation Devices

foundation devices

Established in 2020, Foundation Devices has emerged as the trailblazing manufacturer of the Passport hardware wallet. A name synonymous with enhanced privacy and the principles of Fully Open Source Software (FOSS) (?). The company not only endorses but is also a pioneer in researching and implementing Nostr, a game-changer in decentralising (?) the web.

In fact, Foundation Devices stands proud as the first to introduce a Bitcoin signing device that supports Nostr. This commitment to innovation and privacy underscores why Passport has become a trusted name in the Bitcoin hardware wallet sector. Secure your digital assets as wel as your Nostr ID (?) with Passport. The epitome of safety and longevity in the ever-evolving world of Bitcoin.

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