What Is A NIP?

what is a nip

Nostr Implementation Possibilities or NIPs, are pivotal components in the evolutionary trajectory of the Nostr network. These proposals encompass new features, processes or standards, akin to Bitcoin’s BIPs, but tailored exclusively for Nostr. At its core, the Nostr network is a revolutionary, decentralised (?) platform facilitating seamless social interactions. Each NIP serves as a well-defined technical document that not only outlines the proposed feature but also elucidates its underlying rationale.

This approach paves the way for the Nostr community to comprehend and implement the feature effectively. Maintained as text files on user-friendly platforms such as GitHub, these NIPs encourage the spirit of collaboration by allowing anyone to propose new ones. The ultimate objective is the successful integration of these NIPs into Nostr client and relay software, thereby boosting the network’s functionality and efficiency.

Here is a list of the current NIPs:

  • NIP-01: This possibility describes a set of regulations that determine the method of transmission and reception of data within the network. It provides a comprehensive overview of the basic protocol flow for efficient network communication.
  • NIP-02: Managing Profiles within Nostr – This proposal is centered on the effective organisation and management of various contacts or profiles that exist within the Nostr network.
  • NIP-04: Encrypted Direct Messaging – offers an innovative solution for transmitting encrypted messages within the network. It guarantees the confidentiality of these messages, making them accessible solely to the designated recipient. This powerful feature enhances the security and privacy of communication. Ensuring the integrity of information shared on the Nostr network.
  • NIP-05: Mapping Nostr keys to DNS-based internet identifiers – A Process for Associating Nostr Keys with DNS-based Internet Identifiers – This proposal outlines a method for associating a Nostr key (a distinctive identifier within the Nostr network) with an Internet identifier that is more frequently used and recognised within the DNS system.
  • NIP-06: Basic Key Generation utilising Mnemonic Seed Phrase – This NIP sets forth the mechanism of generating a unique, basic key from a mnemonic seed phrase. This practice, commonly applied in encryption processes and secure network access assurance, involves the use of a distinct phrase comprised of words to generate the key.
  • NIP-07: This improvement possibility is associated with the functionality of the Nostr network within the scope of internet browsers. Essentially, this NIP sheds light on the methods by which web browsers can effectively engage with the Nostr network.
  • NIP-08: Management of Mentions: This NIP lays out the standardised approach for client-handling of inline mentions pertaining to other events and pubkeys (?) within the textual note content. In case clients desire to facilitate tagged mentions, the initiation of specific keys like ‘@’ by the user should prompt an autocomplete function or a similar feature. Nonetheless, it’s important to emphasise that this NIP has been superseded by NIP-27.
  • NIP-09: This proposal brings forth an exclusive event recognised as “deletion”, denoted by number 5. This event empowers an author to propose the removal of one or multiple events. The content field of the event may comprise a message detailing the rationale for the proposed deletion.
  • NIP-10: This proposals is an integral component of the Nostr system that manages textual activities utilising the “e” and “p” identifiers. It forms the backbone of conversation threading in the system by creating connections between different events. Furthermore, it might also reference the participants involved in these events, ensuring a fluid and coherent communication exchange.
  • NIP-26: Event Signature Delegation – This proposal outlines the process by which the primary key entrusts signing authority for events to subsidiary keys. This strategy not only mitigates potential damage from private key (?) breaches but also opens up a wider range of possibilities for Nostr signing devices.

How To Implement?

how to implement nostr improvement possibilities

The Nostr protocol, delineated in NIP-01, lays the foundation for the entire Nostr network’s operation and architecture. Each Nostr Improvement Proposal (NIP) plays a pivotal role in the implementation of distinct features or processes within the network. For instance, NIP-02 is an indispensable tool in the management of contact lists, streamlining communication pathways within the network.

Similarly, NIP-04 enhances network security through the provision of encrypted direct messaging, ensuring the privacy of user interactions. On the other hand, NIP-05 brings human-readable identifiers into play, improving user experience and making navigation within the Nostr network intuitive and smooth. These NIPs collectively contribute to Nostr’s network efficiency, making it a robust and user-friendly platform.

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