LNBits Nostr Signing Device (NSD)

lnbits nsd

The LNBits NSD is a cheap device to securely sign for Nostr messages. Established as a pioneer in the industry, LNBits is renowned for its groundbreaking contribution in designing the very first Nostr Signing Device (NSD). This piece of technology is not only remarkably user-friendly but also inexpensively priced.

You can secure your own NSD from the LNBits store or opt for a Do-It-Yourself route with affordable, easily accessible hardware. In the following sections, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into the essence of a NSD, its operational mechanism and how you can acquire one.

For those interested in exploring other Nostr signing devices, a detailed comparison is merely a click away on the button below. Stay on this page for an enriching journey through the world of LNBits and our revolutionary NSD.

What Is A LNBits NSD?

what is a lnbits nsd

The LNBits NSD, a unique Nostr signing device, is expertly crafted using a LilyGo TTGO ESP32 microcontroller and enclosed in a 3D printed casing. This innovative technology allows you to upload a Nostr private key (?) onto the device. With this key, you can sign messages on any Nostr client (?) that’s compatible with a Chrome-based browser.

The first step to unlock these capabilities, however, requires the installation of a CP210x USB to UART Bridge driver on your computing device. For a comprehensive step-by-step guide on setting up your LNBits Nostr signing device, please follow THIS LINK. This device not only streamlines the process of signing messages but also brings the future of secure communication right into your hands.


For only twenty British Pounds you can buy a Nostr signing device in the LNBits shop:

Build A NSD

Build a Nostr signing device yourself with cheap and off the shelf hardware:

Pro’s And Cons

LNBits NSD, the pioneer in the realm of Nostr signing devices, represents a promising leap forward despite its initial imperfections. As we anticipate future iterations of these devices to significantly enhance their performance, we also foresee new opportunities emerging from forthcoming NIP’s. These innovative pursuits will ultimately lead to a more refined and efficient design of Nostr hardware signers. Now, let’s delve into the strengths and potential areas for improvement of the LNBits NSD:


  • Very cheap
  • Off the shelf hardware
  • Not much other choice
  • Usable for many clients


  • Not user friendly setup
  • Upload private key via web page, is not so secure
  • Data send over Webdev Serial, is not so secure

It’s important to remember that the LNBits NSD marks just the beginning of our journey. As we continue to evolve and align with the latest NIP’s, we are set to revolutionise the landscape of Nostr signing devices.

About LNBits

about lnbits

LNBits, an innovative platform, provides the capability to effortlessly manage multiple Lightning Network wallets. Whether it’s for personal use, shared among friends and family or open to the world, LNBits facilitates seamless transactions. The platform is highly compatible, supporting diverse Lightning Network funding sources and is enriched with state-of-the-art extensions. These include functionalities for establishing faucets, creating paylinks and paywalls and enabling signing devices among other features.

Built on the robust foundation of Quasar & VueJS for the frontend and FastAPI for the backend, LNBits ensures a smooth user interface and swift backend processes. One of its key advantages is the ability to operate it directly in the browser, eliminating the requirement for app downloads. LNBits embodies the future of Lightning Network wallets. Offering uncomplicated, secure and advanced solutions for all your Lightning Network transactions.

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