5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Nostr

reasons to start using nostr

Do you have the feeling that social media isn’t serving you? Are you getting the idea that you are the product instead of a valued customer? 

You are not alone: A growing number of people are facing online censorship. Others are worried about their privacy, because their data is being sold behind their back. Content creators have to self-sensor, because they can lose everything they build through years of hard work overnight. 

It is becoming clear that the once decentralised internet is becoming a centralising force. Giant monopolies are misbehaving constantly. Because the strength of their network effect keeps the users with them, despite their attitude. 

The Nostr protocol aims to fix those problems. It is a decentralising force instead of a centralising one. It is bottom up and user centric instead of top down. Read further for the 5 best reasons to start using Nostr!

No censorship or permission

Nostr is a decentralised (?) protocol. You don’t need permission to use it, you can just create an ID (?) with free and open source (?) software and start to using the network. You won’t have to show your government ID, address or Email. All you have to do is creating a random secret number which will be your ID. 

Nostr is also censorship resistant (?): Clients (?) and relays (?) can ban you or silence you. However, you can always move to other competing services, because you can be banned by a client or relay, but not by Nostr itself. Worse case: If nobody want to show or relay your message, you can even spin up a one yourself. 

Decide your own algorithm

The algorithms of legacy social media are known to show you mostly negativity, because it triggers more engagement. Further, many algorithms do shadow banning and other things to limit free speech. With Nostr you can decide for yourself which algorithm you like. 

At the moment you can switch client if you don’t like their algorithm. In the future it will be even better: You will be able to buy an algorithm from a DVM and plug it into the client of choice. A massive marketplace with different algorithms will enable you to customise your feed exactly how you wish!

You will be a magnet for other apps to be build on Nostr

By using Nostr you will not only benefit yourself: You will also make the protocol more attractive to others. By pulling others into freedom tech, you will improve freedom in our increasingly unfree world by enlarging the size of the internet where censorship isn’t possible. 

The network effect of Nostr takes place on the protocol level instead of application level as is the case with the legacy internet. This means that you using a Twitter clone, will make it more attractive for e.g. marketplace apps or sharing apps to build on Nostr. You are already a potential user, because you have already a Nostr ID and personality. 

Earn Sats through Zaps

On most social media platforms you are the product. The platform uses your input to advertise and they will get the rewards from your work. With Nostr you can receive zaps (?) for social interactions or for services. A zap is an instant Bitcoin payment, often used as a substitute of a like.

Influencers on Nostr will receive a serious amount of zaps for the value they deliver, which gives them an income without the need to shill any product. 

You will see great opportunities as an early adopter

It is hard to imagine what Nostr will bring, but there is certainly a lot of potential. The combination of being bottom up and the network effect on the protocol level, makes it very likely that it will be on a revolutionary scale. The implementations of zaps ensures that things can be properly monetised. 

Being an early adopter increases the likelihood that you will see all the opportunities that arise early on. At this moment it is hard to predict where it is going to happen, but by being early you can be the first one to execute. Furthermore, as an early adopter it will be easier to grow your Nostr personality.  


There are many benefits of using Nostr. Censorship and KYC will be something from the past and you can decide about your own algorithm. You will be a positive force by boosting freedom tech and earn sats at the same time. Further, you will be early to grow your Nostr personality and see opportunities as they appear.

Do you have any reasons to start to use Nostr that we didn’t cover? Please leave a comment below! If you want to learn more about Nostr, please read further on our Nostr guide.

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