A List Of The Best Social media Nostr Clients

nostr social media clients

Welcome to our dedicated page showcasing an impressive array of Nostr social media clients. Nostr, a groundbreaking decentralised protocol, lays the foundation for the construction of innovative Nostr apps, also referred to as Nostr clients (?). This unique framework allows for the development of versatile applications, which have gained recognition for their ability to dramatically enhance user experiences in the world of social media by introducing among others censorship resistance and interoperability.

Here, we proudly present our diverse clientele who have leveraged the power of Nostr to transform their social media interactions. Some of the clients will be user centric Twitter clones, others will look like other social media while some are just unique. See below for the complete list.

Nostr Client List

  • Amethyst
  • Damus App
  • Iris Client

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