What Is NIP-02

what is nip-02

Nostr network, a decentralised (?) and open network specifically designed for social interactions, incorporates the NIP-02 protocol. Authored by Fiatjaf and Arcbtc, this protocol is known for its role in managing contact lists and petnames. The NIP-02 protocol kicks into action during events labelled as “contact list,” characterised by a kind value of 3.

The protocol outlines a list of ‘p’ tags during these events, each representing a profile that a user follows or is aware of. Each tag entry encapsulates the key for the profile and an optional relay URL directing to events associated with that profile. The relay (?) URL can be left blank if not necessary.

The NIP-02 protocol is more than just a set of rules: It’s a comprehensive system for managing contacts within the Nostr network. Not only does it allow users to follow various profiles, but it also keeps them updated on the latest events relating to these profiles. Hence, the NIP-02 protocol is a critical component of the Nostr network, streamlining social interactions in the digital realm.

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