What Is NIP-05?

what is nip-05

The Nostr network, an innovative and decentralised (?) platform designed for social interaction, incorporates the NIP-05 protocol to simplify user identification. This protocol, authored by industry pioneers Fiatjaf and Mikedilger, primarily focuses on mapping Nostr keys to DNS-based internet identifiers, thereby providing users with easy-to-remember, human-readable usernames instead of complex public keys.

NIP-05 comes into play during specific “set_metadata” events. In these events, a distinct key, aptly named “nip05”, is defined. This key’s value is an internet identifier, which can be likened to an email address in terms of format. While the definition of “internet identifier” is broadly outlined, NIP-05 envisions that the local part (the segment before the ‘@’ in an email address) will likely be subject to certain restrictions.

The implementation of NIP-05 in the Nostr network is a significant step in making the network easier to navigate for users. It allows users to link their unique Nostr key with a commonly-used internet identifier, perhaps an email address or another familiar ID. This seamless integration enhances user experience, making it more straightforward for individuals to engage with the network.

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