What Is NIP-10?

what is nip-10

In the realm of Nostr, NIP-10 emerges as a significant tool that streamlines the management and linkage of text-based events. This protocol is akin to a roadmap, guiding clients (?) to organise responses into a hierarchical structure, where the original event forms the root.

Keyword: “e” tags are utilized to establish connections between different events. These tags act as hyperlinks, connecting two events and simplifying the conversations or discussions for easy comprehension. For instance, in a situation where one event is a response to another, the “e” tag, carrying the ID of the original event, creates a bridge between the two.

Notably, the protocol introduces a “p” tag, although its role within the given context remains somewhat nebulous. Speculatively, in similar protocols, the “p” tag often signifies a public key (?) or an individual involved in the event.

The protocol also advises on a “relay-url” associated with the reference. This URL acts as a conduit for the clients to fetch the referenced event or other events from a referenced profile. However, it’s important to clarify that the majority of clients view this field as optional.

Interestingly, the protocol considers the positional application of “e” tags as deprecated. This indicates the possibility of a novel or a more efficient method to accomplish the same objective.

In essence, NIP-10 plays a pivotal role in the Nostr system, offering a structured way to reference events and perhaps other participants. This optimises the comprehension and navigation of conversations or discussions.

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